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New Film Projects!

This January, I joined a workshop called The Creative Lab through The Greenhouse nonprofit. The Creative Lab matches writers with actors, coaching both through the process of filming a short film. We met for class four times, the writers wrote two scripts for their actors, we chose one script to film, and we had a finished film by the end of class. This wonderful workshop was led by the incredibly talented and delightful Abbie Cobb and Shun Lee Fong.

Here's my Creative Lab group:

My group filmed a heavy drama ala "This is Us" called "Remember Us." Here is a picture from the set:

But when the workshop was over, we wanted to film the other script as well, so we put our heads together and shot an offbeat comedy short called "Sit&Stalk." Look for both to hit festivals in the coming year!

Here's some shots from "Sit&Stalk":

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