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Climbing the Mountain

The summit of 2016 is on the horizon, just like the summit of Mt. Whitney was in October when I snapped the photo below. We left base camp at 2am and planned to summit by 10am, but I got altitude sickness at 13,000 ft. and didn’t make it to the top. I was heartbroken at the time, but I realize now how much more prepared I am for my next attempt!

Similarly, 2016 was a year of preparation, honing my auditioning skills in classes with Amy Lyndon and working with her to make sure my package matches my talent. We recut my reel, streamlined my resume, and got some great new photos up--you can check it all out HERE. Now I'm setting up meetings and looking to partner with a great agency here in L.A.

I'm excited for 2017 and wish everyone a wonderful new year!!

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