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Shout It Out!

Amidst the craziness of 2016, I want to take some time to throw up some shout outs. Good things are happening to good people I know--far too many to list here. But I want to highlight one single week in November when three--count them--three friends did great work on television!

To kick it off on Monday November 14, a new episode of ABC's Conviction aired called #StayWoke written by my friend Jewel McPherson. The episode is centered around the Black Lives Matter movement and garnered a stellar review in Entertainment Weekly with such approbation as "But this is TV at its best, when it forces you to confront the hard truths and uncomfortable realities of the world we’re living in." and "What makes “#StayWoke” the series’ best so far is how it focuses on the differing perspectives of the CIU team — especially Maxine (played by Merrin Dungey), who’s given a chance to shine as she’s forced to reconcile her past as a cop with her identity as a black woman raising a son in today’s America."


Then on that same Wednesday November 16 my friend Michael B. Woods guest starred on Empire as computer security expert Piz. Michael is a phenomenal Chicago based actor and former improv/college buddy of mine. Click the photo below to watch a clip from the show:

And if that didn't already make a great week, I found out the next day that another friend of mine in L.A., Gloria Garayua was making her fourth appearance on How To Get Away with Murder that night as Detective Brianna Davis!!! I met Gloria in a class out here a couple years ago, and even then I always enjoyed watching her work.

So all in all, that was a pretty stellar week! But I know that is just a taste of what is to come in just the next few years. So my friends, let's keep rockin' it and help push each other forward!

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