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Original Music

I write music because it pours out of me, and it's the best way I know to give space to the emotions of life. My goal is to continue to create good art that resonates with other people's hearts because it was first true and honest with my own.

I grew up in Kansas, spent some time in Virginia Beach, and now enjoy the music and acting scene out here in Los Angeles. My music is a cross between the upbeat rhythm of Jason Mraz and the passionate artistry of Damien Rice. While continuing to write new music and reinvent great covers, I am looking to collaborate with other professionals and continue to grow as an artist. 

Here's what some rad people said about my music:

-----"I was passing by my computer and heard your song and I think my life was changed."

-----"I could stand outside and listen to you play all night. Thanks for the song. It put a much needed smile on my face."

"All Over Now" Original Music Video
"Let Yourself Be Loved" Original Live Performance
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